World War II Ruler – 30cm




The World War II History Ruler is made from wood and measures 30cm long (made from FSC Certified Wood). On the reverse, it shows measurements in both inches and centimetres. On the inches scale it includes units of 1/8 of an inch and on the centimetre side units of 5 millimetres.

The front of the ruler shows a World War II timeline with dates and historical information. The timeline starts from 1939 when Germany invades Germany and runs through to 1945 and the United Nations being founded. Highlights include September 1939 Britain and France declares war on Germany. May 1940 the evacuation from Dunkirk, July 1940 the Battle of Britain and December 1940 Japan attacks Pearl Harbour. Finally as the war starts to come to an end, June 1944 D-Day, April 1945 Adolf Hitler takes his own life and Germany surrenders, August 1945 atomic bombs dropped and Japan surrenders.