Research At the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum

We have a small team of experienced volunteer researchers who are able to carry out archival research enquiries.

Our researchers combine information held within our own archive, and various other sources, to produce the most thorough picture of an individual.

Some of our researchers have published a number of books on military history (specifically WWI).  Having this expertise means that they can analyse and interpret any data they find in the most effective way.


How can we help?

We hold many unique records within our archive, such as:

  • Officer’s records (which can be combined with Officer’s data held in our archive)
  • Enlistment records
  • Photographs (Predominantly WWI)
  • Newspapers
  • Regimental journals (such as ‘The Sphinx and the Dragon’, and  ‘The Back Badge’)
  • Officer embarkation rolls
  • WWI database (containing over 40,000 records of individual soldiers)

In the first instance, we can provide our Executive Summary Report. This is a 1 or 2-page document (see sample) outlining the soldier’s potential involvement in battles and operations of regimental and historic importance. As a charitable organisation, we use the income from research enquiries to help towards the museum’s operational upkeep and costs. The executive summary is currently priced at £25, per soldier, per enquiry.

For more in-depth research, it is possible sometimes to produce a more detailed report, and these are priced upwards of £100, but we suggest that initially we see what the Executive Summary reveals, and then we can inform you whether such a report is worth investigating further. If you would like to pursue your archive request for an Executive Summary, then please email us at the link below to contact a member of the team.

Email us at